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We are a great team of 30+ passionate researchers, developers, analysts and designers.

Our team is located in a brand new office building next to the Faculty of Applied Informatics at the University of Tomas Bata (FAI UTB). Zlin is the capital of the Zlin region, which has about 600,000 inhabitants. This setting allows us to work closely with the PhDs and researchers in the UTB, especially in the field of information security and multi-platform approach.

We all strive to build the most innovative products, HW development and provide outstanding services in the field of multi-platform software development, secured systems with complex server infrastructure as well as various devices with embedded SW.

We provide services:

  • Software development for secured systems with a strong authentication
  • Multi-platform client software development (for all mobile and tablet platforms, enterprise portals or regular web applications, PC, Smart TV and others)
  • Delivery, design and prototyping of specialized HW and electronics

We build products:

  • Highly secured RFID entrance readers, control lock units and alarms suitable for various implementations and premises security
  • Industry control touch panels in full color, waterproof and dustproof, ready to be built-in
  • Network accessories with secure management over TCP/IP
  • RFID industry readers and solutions

We participate on complex solutions:

  • Innovative Multi-platform direct banking systems



  • Software development
  • Strong secured systems
  • Multi-platform client softwares
  • Embedded SW and HW


  • Highly secured RFID systems
  • Industry control touch panels
  • Secured network accessories


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