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RFID Premises Security System

This product line offers a wide range of security usages from a single door, through a administrative building to a complex building.

Complex security system based on the following components:

  • RFID - NFC reader working with highly secured Mifare Desphire with AES security, enables to read NFC mobile devices
  • Lock Control Unit - unit opens and closes the lock and communicating with RFID reader in a secured fashion
  • Security Hub - enables to connect many devices on a single alarm central unit
  • Alarm Central Unit - enables to communicated with other systems and security organizations
  • Security Portal - enables to define access simple and complex rules for groups of employees and controls the logs, proper usage and creates audits

Can be integrated with the enterprise portal, attendance applications and HR systems.



  • Software development
  • Strong secured systems
  • Multi-platform client softwares
  • Embedded SW and HW


  • Highly secured RFID systems
  • Industry control touch panels
  • Secured network accessories


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